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In today’s ever-changing economic, political, and global business environments, diversity and inclusion are important considerations for all organizations. The vision of Diversity in Fund Finance is a Fund Finance (“FF”) community that: (i) recognizes that diverse perspectives strengthen the FF industry and organizations within it, and enhance the ability of those in the FF industry to better serve their clients and colleagues by working together, (ii) is inclusive of diverse individuals across each organization within the FF industry, including at the highest levels of each organization, and (iii) respects the viewpoints and contributions of diverse individuals in their organizations and the FF industry as a whole.

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European DE&I Emerging Leader

The Diversity in Fund Finance initiative is focused in the areas of education, opportunity, action, and affinity, as further detailed below.

Education – Part of our mission with respect to education is to educate students about the FF industry, provide opportunities for students to network with industry professionals and facilitate recruitment and retention of students in positions in FF industry organizations.  Diversity in Fund Finance recognizes that engagement and relationships need to be built with students early in their careers to create more opportunities to recruit and retain talent to address the current generalized lack of diversity within the FF industry.

Opportunity – Part of our mission is also to provide opportunities for would-be and current FF professionals to network, build connections, secure positions and obtain support to progress their careers and advance within their organizations as leaders in the FF industry.

Action – We understand that effecting change requires time, shared efforts and new thinking to drive progress. We aim to bring together FF professionals who want to take action to contribute to positive changes, particularly with respect to diversity and inclusion, within the FF industry.

Affinity – We provide an open, inclusive, supportive, welcoming, and respectful space for diverse FF industry professionals, students and other would-be professionals in the FF industry to connect based on their shared diverse perspectives and professional experiences. We strive to be inclusive of all diverse individuals, regardless of their culture, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or beliefs.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion (July 6, 2021)

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Our Leadership Team

Puri, Natasha (Lloyds Bank)
Natasha Puri
Global Chair

Lloyds Bank

Kaup, Anastasia (FFP)
Anastasia Kaup
Co-Chair Americas

Fund Finance Partners
James Webb
APAC Chair

Carey Olsen

2021 Diversity in Fund Finance Association Award Recipient
Natasha Puri, Lloyds Bank
Natasha Puri, Vice President at Lloyds Bank, has been selected as the first recipient of the Diversity in Fund Finance Award. Natasha has been the driving force behind our Diversity in Fund Finance initiative. Her contributions to this cause are too numerous to mention but it is safe to say we wouldn’t be as advanced in this initiative as we are if it wasn’t for Natasha’s selfless dedication to the cause! Not only did she found the Diversity in Fund Finance affinity group, but she also created the group’s mission and strategy. Natasha led the group’s initial focus on creating relationships with diverse students early on in their careers to build opportunities for new talent and address the current lack of diversity within the fund finance industry. As part of that initiative, she organized multiple events with Baruch College and local NYC schools where FFA members participated in a teach-in and networked with students. Natasha leads the US and EMEA diversity committee while working closely with the newly established Asia committee and has supported all of the other events organized by the diversity committee. Did we mention she also does the same for her bank where she was also recognized as an I&D Role Model! We cannot think of a more deserving individual to be the recipient of the inaugural Diversity in Fund Finance Award.

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